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Mafia Mayhem Bundle

Mafia Mayhem Bundle

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Ebooks included in the "Mafia Mayhem Bundle"

Murphy's Mafia Made Men

Sinner's Vow#1

Savage Marriage #2

Scandalous Pledge #3

The Cells of Kalashov

The Collector #1

The Handler #2

The Sixth #3

The Wild Irish Series
Vicious #1

Reckless #2

Ruthless #3

Fearless #4

Heartless #5


Murhpy's Mafia Made Men
Sinner's Vow #1



Following the death of our father, my brothers and I find ourselves on uneven ground.
We are reduced to nothing more than puppets controlled by our uncle Frank, the new leader of the South Irish Mafia.
In order to reinstate our foothold in the Irish Mafia, I agree to an arranged marriage.
I will stop at nothing to retain the title that belongs to us.
But the moment I lay eyes on Raven Collins, I know that she is dangerous.
So dangerous that I keep my distance.
That is, until she seeks me out, demanding my attention.
The closer she gets to me, the higher the body count grows.
Until all her secrets are exposed, and I vow to protect her no matter the cost.
Even if we are left standing in the ashes of the Irish Mafia.

Six months of marriage to Aidan Murphy and then I've won my freedom.
Not just mine, but my sister's, too.
This isn't my first marriage-- the first was to the Bratva, and I barely survived.
Now, my father has handed me to the Irish Mafia.
Aidan Murphy is a lethal man, one who owns me.
And the one who will kill me once he learns why I've been sent to him.
I need to stay focused and get what I came here for.
Before Aidan discovers the truth behind my lies.
Once I do, I win our freedom.
In order to do what my father demands, I have to get close to Aidan.
But the closer I get to him, the more I realize that betraying Aidan will cost me my heart.

Freedom comes with a heavy price tag. One I'm not sure we can afford...

"Sinner's Vow" is the first book in the Murphy's Mafia Made Men Series. It is a Dark Mafia Enemies to Lovers Romance, Arranged marriage, complete with HEA and no cliffhangers.

Savage Marriage #2


I've harbored secrets my entire childhood, secrets that have the potential to shatter my family. I have no idea how to navigate this new role I must play but being handed a Bratva princess should be easy; only she comes with terms. Terms that, at first, I decide I can abide by.

That is until I meet Kira.

She's not only a Bratva princess but the sister of the notorious Negotiator, and she has secrets of her own, secrets that I will uncover.

Raised to defy the laws of pain, I'm unstoppable. But when Kira's secrets are revealed, she penetrates my darkness, and not only do I have to face the demons from my past that have come back to haunt me but hers as well.


I'm a Bratva Princess born to be a queen.

My brother has promised my hand in marriage to a Mafia man. I must marry a stranger and produce an heir.

Before I return home to my brother and his sinister plan, I vow never to let that happen.

I hold my truths close to my chest until my secrets threaten to bury me, and I have no choice but to turn to the very man I vowed would never have me.


Scandalous Pledge #3


My father controlled every move I made, even who I loved.

I've wanted Nadia since we were children, but a maid's daughter isn't fit for a Mafia king.

For nine years, I've protected her from the shadows, secretly dictating her every move--until now.

My father's death has set me free, and I will claim what is mine, even if it costs me an empire.


I've loved him my whole life and have hated him for nearly a decade.

I would have given anything for Alex Murphy to make me his, but the day he pushed me aside changed everything.

Now he claims to want me for his wife, but he harbors secrets that could destroy everything.

Secrets that could cost me my life and his.

Will our love set us free or will his secrets keeps us apart?

The Cells of Kalashov
The Collector #1

She isn’t mine, but that won’t stop me from keeping her.

My job is never easy. They fight, claw, and plead for me to let them go. But I never do. I’m the collector for Victor, a ruthless Russian mob boss. I collect every time. I never fail. Until Mila.


I knew this day would come.

Victor threatened to send his collector. He warned me I would return one way or another. That time is now. I go willingly. I don’t fight or scream. I know it’s pointless. But The Collector breaks the rules. He doesn’t take me to Victor. He keeps me for himself. Only, he has no idea what he’s set in motion. He has no idea who I am.

Now his fate is sealed along with mine.

The Handler #2

I'm The Handler for the Bratva Mafia—I TIE UP LOOSE ENDS


When a ship transporting seven highly valued assets is attacked and six of them stolen, leaving behind a dead security team and one witness, I'm brought in to handle the situation.

But this isn’t my usual clean-up job.

I'm an assassin, not a detective.

I'm handed a black-haired beauty who spits lies. I need to uncover the truth she is hiding in order to find the other assets.

There's only one problem—HER.

Everything about her calls for me to take her, but she is pure—untouchable.

A highly valued asset to the mafia.

One taste of her could cost me my life.


I was ten when I was stolen

Snatched by the sea

Taken to a world where virgins are put on pedestals—untouchable

Until they are sold

When six of the girls are taken and our private security team slaughtered, The Handler is called in to find them.

He's dark and dangerous.

Not a man I should trust.

But I have to trust that he can find them, and I'm willing to do anything it takes to get them back.

Once he finds them, I will make sure he sets them free, even if it costs me everything.

The Sixth #3


I storm into Lenny’s club ready to destroy him if he doesn’t pay up.

He offers me a down payment that I can’t refuse.

A distraction I can’t afford.

A responsibility I can’t ignore.

Katina, my best friend’s little sister, was Lenny’s little pet.

Now she’s mine.

But, I can’t keep her.

I can’t touch her.

Maybe just one taste.

But, one taste is all it takes and I’m addicted.

She’s off limits, but staying away from her is impossible.


To him I will always be his best friend's little sister.



And now that he’s cost me my job, I’m a debt.

A wrong he has to make right.

But, I see the dark desire burning in his eyes.

I feel it merge with mine.

I know he’s fighting his desire for me.

I’m done fighting mine.

There’s no way I could fall for a guy like him.

I know Tomas.

He’s deadly.

And dangerous for my soul.

Wild Irish Series

Vicious #1

Killing for me is easy. Loving is an entirely different thing.

Una is the only person I ever gave a damn about, but she's off limits. I’m grateful she only spends the summer with us. I can't risk her getting involved in my life of crime. But now she’s here, all grown up, and this time, I don’t think I can stay away from her.

When Una starts partying with Darragh, who’s as wild and unpredictable as they come, I can't afford keeping my distance any longer. Bodies seem to stack up wherever he goes. Cleaning up his messes used to be annoying. Now I have Una to consider, Una to protect.

My family is belly deep in the criminal underworld, and she's a distraction I can't afford. The closer she gets to me, the more I'm spiraling out of control.

I can't let her see who I really am, but I can't seem to let her go.

Reckless #2

She owns the land that I need… to hide bodies.


A city girl with no ties to the land. It was supposed to be an easy buy. No complications. And definitely no conflicts.

But her soft eyes have me hooked. Having her is all can I think about.

But she isn’t the reason why I’m here. The task at hand is crucial. There can be no room for mistakes.

Family comes first. It’s what the O’Reagans have always lived by. Returning home without this land isn’t an option.

Is losing my family worth gambling with my heart?

Ruthless #3

She was only supposed to be a job, but now I can't seem to walk away.


Fighting is all I’ve ever done. I’ve fought for my father, my brothers. I’ve fought for money or just for the thrill of it but now I have a new reason to fight. I must fight to keep Ava safe only this time it’s not with my fists.


I’m broke, working a dead end job while hiding from my abusive ex. So yeah life isn’t great right now, that is until Connor. He arrives at the bar I’m working at, strikes up a conversation and I’m hooked.

I’m hooked because he’s awkward and there’s darkness in him that I’m drawn to. Yet it’s also the reason that I know I should stay away.

Fearless #4

He's rich, egotistical and a womanizer. She's angry dark and sarcastic. What could possibly go wrong?


My official punishment for messing up is working in one of my brother’s hotels. The unofficial one? I’m stuck with Ciara. Angry, dark and sarcastic, she fills in my days.

Sick of being penniless, robbing a bank seems a no-brainer. That was until I got caught and I’m the scapegoat once again. Normally, choosing between my life and my friends would have been easy. Simple maths. That was until Ciara. She’s making me regret a lot of my past and question most of my decisions.

The closer we grow she’s all I can think about. She swears she will never sleep with me, but I love a challenge. I will have her no matter what the cost.


The streets of Dublin were all I’ve ever known. When Liam O’Reagan offers me a job, working in one of his hotels, things start to look up for me. That is until Darragh O’Reagan is dropped into my life and we have to work together. He’s everything I can’t stand: rich, egotistical and a womanizer. The closer we get the more of him I see, and I soon realize he’s worth saving. But at what cost?

With the O’Reagan’s the price tag always seems too high.

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Heartless #5

She’s a Virgin and my prisoner. There is only one rule – I’m not allowed to touch her…


I’m his prisoner. Placed in a golden cage. Being this close to Liam allows me to see the man behind the suit, he’s scary as hell but I want him.
I want him to have all of me. I want him to see me, and I hope that he keeps me. I can’t go back, I won’t survive.


I don’t let people in. I need to keep them out. But then she becomes my prisoner and before long she’s in my bed opening me up slowly and turning my world upside down.

I can’t keep her, she has to go back. But I’m not sure letting her go is possible anymore, even if that means causing a war.

A war that will mark my family for all time.

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Intro into Chapter One

I won’t cry. I keep the mantra in my head as I’m manhandled and placed in the back of the Range Rover. The door closes, and it’s too loud, too final. As the vehicle pulls away from the beach, I pivot so I can see the empty seaside. I’m searching, seeking out one person. As the sea fades into the horizon, I fear what may have happened to George.

“Where’s George?” I push my messy hair out of my face, tempted to pick out the leaves and small twigs that have tangled themselves there, but I need an answer. I need to know he’s okay.

I ask what I truly fear. “Did you hurt him?” The thoughts of George in pain have guilt pounding into my conscience.

“I never laid a finger on him.” The nasally voice draws my focus to the passenger’s gray eyes in the rearview mirror. He’s the one who said “Got her” back at the gate. I turn away from him, conserving my energy, and I try to push my fear away. I examine my hands. Small cuts from the thorns have drawn blood. The wounds appear minor. I shouldn’t have run. I shouldn’t have gotten George involved.

I tell myself that he’s at home, safe, and focus on thoughts of my sister. Six months and I can give her a better life.

The driver and the nasally sounding man take turns looking at me, and being stared at feels so foreign. I have been kept locked up at home for the last year, not seeing anyone, only our staff.

I sink back into the black leather upholstery and try to calm my racing heart. The last time I was shipped away, I had an odd notion of finding love in my new husband. I was seventeen at the time—so young, so naïve, so stupid.

My ex-husband, Victor, was fifteen years my senior. I was a toy he wanted to play with and break. A tear falls. He broke me, time and time again, and I’ve spent the last year trying to fix myself. But, I soon realized there was no fixing what he had done to me. He took my virginity violently, and that was only the start. How am I ever going to survive this all over again?

I am wiser, and I like to think stronger, too. Betty, our house manager, says I have an old soul. But she’s wrong; it’s not old. It’s damaged.

My face aches, and I reach up, touching my cheek. Small specks of blood appear on the tips of my fingers. A ball of fire burns in the pit of my stomach, and I have this odd sense that I might explode as I stare at the stark red blood. I inhale a deep breath and let out a shaky puff of air. Glancing out the window, I take in the trees.

Trees, trees, and more trees give way to fields. The blue sky hangs low over the black cows in the far away fields. They graze and eat their fill, none the wiser that they’ll go to slaughter. I have been groomed and trained, but I know I’m going to the slaughterhouse. My fingers inch closer to the handle of the door. I could open it, fling myself out and end this nightmare. What would Aidan do if he learned I tried to run? Victor relished every second of punishing me when my father returned me to him.

The image of my sister’s face in my mind causes me to fold my hands in my lap. My fingers entwine, my nails dig into my hands, the pain keeps me focused and keeps me from reaching out and opening the car door.

The car begins to slow after a while and pulls up to a set of large wrought-iron gates. The security guard in the passenger seat speaks to someone through his earpiece. “We have Miss Collins with us.”

The gates open painfully slow, and my heart palpitates. As we enter the grounds, I glance back to watch them close. Security cameras and men circle the fortress that we pull up to. The sun beats down on the gray stone mansion, but no matter how much sunshine there is, it can’t remove the cold that emanates from the house. Ivy climbs along two of the prominent structures in the front of the building. We stop at the steps that rise up to the white double front doors that open, then what seems like an army of people emerges.

A gentleman dressed in all black approaches the rear hatch. A woman in a black tunic opens my car door. With a bow of her head, she greets me.

“Welcome, Miss Collins.” She holds out her hand to help me out, appraising my marked face and arms. Once my feet touch solid ground, she releases me. I should try to straighten my attire, but I’m beyond salvaging my dress. Security men flank me. There’s more security than I’ve ever seen. A butler waits at the double doors while two other servants carry in my suitcases. I’m escorted to a large drawing room.

“Master Murphy has been informed of your arrival. I’m Donald, Master Murphy’s personal butler.” Donald, who I’d guess is to be in his late fifties, speaks as he steps into the room. He gestures to a chaise lounge that I’m standing close to. My knees bend as I lower myself to the edge of the seat. I glance around the large, impressive room.

Donald gives me an odd look and clears his throat. One of the security men steps into the room. “She may need some attention.” He speaks to Donald, like I’m not sitting here.

“I was given strict instructions from Frank to have her waiting for Master Murphy. So she shall wait.”

Hairs rise along my arms.

There is an air of arrogance that coats Donald’s words. The security man doesn’t leave. “You want me to look bad?” He presses a black piece in his ear.

“You don’t need my help,” Donald mumbles as the security man turns away and speaks into a mic that’s attached to the sleeve of his jacket.

Donald straightens his waistcoat and bristles. He reminds me of a peacock fluffing his feathers. “The front part of the pavilion mansion has undergone renovations,” Donald says with pride in his voice. He steps up to a large fireplace. “This grand fireplace was rescued from a castle.”

It’s magnificent. I nod and reach for the cushion beside me. My fingers touch the gold tassels. I’m trying to ground myself.

Donald strides to one of the walls that’s adorned with paintings. He points to a landscape image. “This painting is by the famous painter, William of Isles.”

I’ve never heard of him. I wonder how many times Donald’s made this speech. I wonder if it’s his way of keeping the guests occupied whilst they wait. No matter what he tells me, it doesn’t stop my mind from spinning.

Movement in the foyer has my brain freezing.

“Master Murphy,” I hear on repeat from the staff. My pulse picks up to a crescendo I don’t recognize, and I fear my heart will give out. I’m not ready. I’ll never be ready for this moment. A man enters, and he dwarfs everything around him. I stand resolute and hold my breath as my future husband takes me in.

He approaches me, and I find myself recoiling from him. He doesn’t pause. His footfalls echo against the wooden floor. His large hand touches my cheek, and I can’t help when my body flinches, and the backs of my legs bump against the seat I had been sitting on. Eyes so dark roam across my face, and fear skitters down my spine.

“Donald.” His deep voice sends a shiver skidding across my flesh. Looking away from me, Aidan continues to speak. “Ask Raven why she ran.” His words dig into my flesh.

I feel like a trapped animal. Panic rises hard and fast, and I try to still my mind.

“Of course, Master Murphy.” Donald’s attention falls on me, his gaze prodding into mine, wanting me to answer. “Why did you run, Miss Collins?”

My voice is no longer where it should be. It’s hidden deep down inside me. Aidan’s large hand leaves my cheek, and my body grows slack.

He tilts his head.

And something propels the words from my lips. “I’m sorry.” The lie falls with ease. I’m not sorry. I’m sorry I got caught. But, I’m not sorry I ran. I lower my chin, which has risen as the rebellious thoughts take center stage in my mind.


Fear curls in my stomach at how he says my name.

The bow of lips curls into a snarl, and he takes a step closer to me. I feel smaller than a child being scolded. My body stings, and it feels like the flesh on my bones tightens. I inhale the scent of his cologne and a bite of coldness.

“You aren’t sorry.”

My fingers tighten together, and I try to reel in my panic. I give a quick shake of my head. “I am,” I admit as the reality of what I have done starts to sink in—my vision wavers.

Aidan’s brow rises, and I wait for him to react, but his stoic expression sends tremors through me.

He gives a curt nod of his head and turns away. “Show her to her room.” Aidan’s broad back faces me as he leaves the room.

My legs threaten to give out, but Donald holds out his arm. “Miss Collins. This way.”

My mouth moves without my permission. “Is George okay?” I ask the question I shouldn’t ask.

Aidan’s footfalls stop, and when he glances at me over his shoulder, I want to grab the words and stuff them back into my mouth. His eyes darken, and I hate how every cell in my body expands to a bursting point as he walks back to me.

“No, he’s not okay.” He’s snarling again.

I’m standing on a cliff, and I’m ready to jump. I can feel the pull of the ocean below. There’s no way out of this, only down.

“You are the reason he’s dead. Your privileged little world drags men like George to their graves.” His gaze grows distant. “Did you promise him something in return?”

He steps even closer; his breath brushes the bridge of my nose. I’m dizzy with fear.

“Pretty little girls like you are only good for one thing.”

My lungs feel painfully constrained. I’m tempted to look up into Aidan’s face, but the malice and violence that’s vibrating from him keeps my gaze downcast. My hands tighten around the fabric of my dress.

A whoosh of air accompanied with a sneer dances across my cheeks. “I want to know what you promised him.”

“Nothing,” I whisper as I battle a tsunami of tears. George is dead. Did they torture him?

“Get her out of my sight.” Aidan steps away from me, and once again, I’m ready to crumble, but Donald waits with an outstretched arm, just like he had before.

I follow him numbly, and two security men fall into step behind us, along with two female servants. Our entourage follows us in silence up an imperial staircase. We stop at the first landing, and I’m shown to my quarters. The security settles themselves on either side of the door. Donald doesn’t enter, but the two females do. The butler arrives with my luggage, and I stand frozen as he places my suitcases on the queen-sized four-poster bed. One of the females yanks down the zippers of my bags and starts to remove my clothes. My hands itch to stop her. I don’t like anyone touching my possessions, my tie to my former life, but I stand still and watch as they empty my suitcases and put away my clothes.

I’m waiting for the repercussions of me running away. Was George’s death not enough of a punishment? I want to scream.

Once I get the information my father wants, this charade will end.

That’s the mantra that keeps me still as the realization that this is it sinks in. Only hours ago, I had been in my garden reading a book, and now here I am, soon to give my body to another man. Only this time, I’m not going in with any illusions of love. I will protect my heart, no matter the cost. But my body and mind? That’s an entirely different matter.

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