• Mafia Prince

    I’m the son of Liam O’Reagan, next in line to wear the crown.

    And when I prove myself worthy, I will RULE over the Irish Mafia. I don’t have time for distractions—much less time for a woman who has always been the bane of my existence. When Maeve comes back into my life, I fight like hell to resist the pull she has on me. An attraction that has only grown stronger with time. But, when trouble lands her at my feet, I take the opportunity to have what I truly want. I offer her a deal. I’ll help her, but the cost will be one night in my bed.

    One night of submission.

    One night to have her completely at my mercy.

    If only I had known my battle with Maeve would start a war.


    Jack is the only one who can help me. Too bad, he hates me. But I have no choice but to go to him. It turns out, hate is a powerful motivator, and I just handed him a way to punish me. He offers me his help—for a price. Everything in his world has a price. One night in his bed. He’s everything a woman would want, so this should be easy. Only, I’m a virgin, and he terrifies me. I should run, but I won’t.

    I can’t.

    I just pray this one night doesn’t destroy us both. 

  • Mafia King

    He’s a savage. She’s a willing bride who dreams of freedom; only she gives up one cage to find herself in another.


    I was a willing sacrifice in an arranged marriage.

    Until my father made a new deal and gave me to another.

    Now I must marry a savage.

    A Northerner- the very thing I had been taught to hate.

    I vow to never be his. I will never belong to Shay O’Reagan.

    I will defy him every step of the way.

    He may lay claim to my body, but he will never own my heart.


    In order to secure my place in the Irish Mafia, I agree to an arranged marriage.

    A marriage with a willing bride, one groomed to be the wife of a mafia king.

    What I get is a redheaded beauty hell bent on my destruction.

    Turns out, she was meant to be the perfect mafia wife- just not mine.

    That treacherous detail doesn’t stop me from wanting her.

    From needing to taste her ruby red lips.

    The fire that blazes in her defiant eyes lights a desire inside of me that demands I claim her as my own.

    While she wastes my time defying me with every breath, the North rises up demanding retribution for a crime that was buried a long time ago.

    The clock is ticking as I battle a war around me and within my own walls. Every minute takes us both closer to certain death.

    I’m unsure of who my true allies are and where my enemies are hiding. There’s only one thing I’m certain of.

    I will never give up.

    I will fight to the end, no matter the cost.

    I am a King and I will die on my feet.

    “Mafia King” is the second book in the Young Irish Rebel Series. It is a Dark Mafia Arranged Romance, complete with HEA and no cliffhangers.

  • Mafia Games


    My father needs a pawn as he plays King with the Irish Mafia.

    Releasing me from the asylum walls that kept me from my revenge, I'm free to play a few games of my own.

    Games I plan on winning.

    The taste of revenge sits sweetly on my tongue as I watch her, Claire, my new obsession.

    I keep her safe in a cage made of glass.

    Safe from the cravings she stirs in me.

    I watch her, my hunger growing with every move she makes.


    He keeps me safe in a cage made of glass.

    Yet, I never feel safe.

    The heat in his gaze burns my flesh.

    His hunger stirs a craving deep inside of me.

    But craving a man like him is dangerous.

    He's everything dark and wrong in my world.

    He’s everything I shouldn’t want.

    The only thing keeping his touch from my skin is this glass cage he holds the key to.

    Until his control snaps and one touch threatens to shatter us both.

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