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Author Vi Carter

The Ultimate Mafia Bundle

The Ultimate Mafia Bundle

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Following the death of our father, my brothers and I find ourselves on uneven ground. We are reduced to nothing more than puppets controlled by our uncle Frank, the new leader of the South Irish Mafia. In order to reinstate our foothold in the Irish Mafia, I agree to an arranged marriage. I will stop at nothing to retain the title that belongs to us. But the moment I lay eyes on Raven Collins, I know that she is dangerous. So dangerous that I keep my distance. That is, until she seeks me out, demanding my attention. The closer she gets to me, the higher the body count grows. Until all her secrets are exposed, and I vow to protect her no matter the cost. Even if we are left standing in the ashes of the Irish Mafia.


Six months of marriage to Aidan Murphy and then I've won my freedom. Not just mine, but my sister's, too. This isn't my first marriage-- the first was to the Bratva, and I barely survived. Now, my father has handed me to the Irish Mafia. Aidan Murphy is a lethal man, one who owns me. And the one who will kill me once he learns why I've been sent to him. I need to stay focused and get what I came here for. Before Aidan discovers the truth behind my lies. Once I do, I win our freedom. In order to do what my father demands, I have to get close to Aidan. But the closer I get to him, the more I realize that betraying Aidan will cost me my heart.

Freedom comes with a heavy price tag. One I'm not sure we can afford...

My attention zeros in on Patrick, who has moved closer to Raven. His fingers trail down her arm. It’s like a red flag to a bull. Everything in me boils.

I’m in control of each step as I walk over to Patrick and Raven. Raven’s wide blue eyes take me in, but I focus on Patrick, whose face pales as I stand over him.

“Is her skin soft?” I ask.

Patrick’s cheeks redden, and he looks to Gilly for help.

I click my fingers in his face, so he focuses on me. “I asked you a damn question.”

“Yes, I suppose. It was just a touch,” he tries to defend himself. He forces a shivery smile before shrugging. “It’s no big deal.” He half laughs.

Like a man possessed, I grab him by the scruff of his neck and drag him off the couch.

“What are you—” he starts as I toss him to the floor.

Before he can react, I bend and place my knee on his back, keeping him pinned to the floor. “Never touch her again,” I snarl.


I ignore Jason’s warning as I extract a blade I always carry with me. I grip the hand that had touched Raven and hold it down on the wooden floor.

Patrick squirms. “Fine. Get off me, man.” He tries to look at me, but I dig my knee into his back as I run the blade down his hand. His touching Raven isn’t fine.

I push the blade down on his index finger. He screams as I sink the knife further into his skin. His howls continue as I slice the blade back and forth across his finger. My mind grows manic with revenge. He can’t touch what’s mine. I don’t stop until the finger detaches and blood flows free across the floor. It’s not enough. I want more, and as he continues to shriek, I push the bloody stub aside to carve another finger, when a hand lands on my shoulder.

“That’s enough,” Jason says with a calmness to his voice, but his gaze flickers to Raven, who’s white-faced, with pure horror etched into her features.

“Aidan,” Jason fires off again.

Patrick howls and cries, and I take one final look at Raven, who’s covered her mouth with her hand.

I release Patrick’s damaged hand and take my knee off his back. “The next time you even look at her, I’ll take your eyes out.”

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Lose yourself to the intoxicating allure of the Irish Mafia with this exclusive bundle. Get 9 full-length, pulse-pounding Mafia romances at a 50% discount. These stories will heat you up at night, dripping with danger, high stakes and scorching hot spice!

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 Young Irish Rebels:

Mafia Prince - When trouble lands her at my feet, I take the opportunity to have what I truly want. I offer her a deal. I’ll help her, but the cost will be one night in my bed.
One night of submission.

Mafia King - In order to secure my place in the Irish Mafia, I agree to an arranged marriage. A marriage with a willing bride, one groomed to be the wife of a mafia king. What I get is a redheaded beauty hell bent on my destruction.

Mafia Games - The taste of revenge sits sweetly on my tongue as I watch her, Claire, my new obsession. I keep her safe in a cage made of glass. Safe from the cravings she stirs in me. I watch her, my hunger growing with every move she makes.

Mafia Boss - The longer I stay hidden with my bodyguard, the more I see the truth.
Cillian is everything I shouldn't want, a threat no one saw coming. I'm in the hands of my father's enemy, hands that make me ache.

Murphy's Mafia Made Men:

Sinner's Vow - My father has handed me to the Irish Mafia. Aidan Murphy is a lethal man, one who owns me. And the one who will kill me once he learns why I've been sent to him.

Savage Marriage - I'm a Bratva Princess born to be a queen. My brother has promised my hand in marriage to a Mafia man. I must marry a stranger and produce an heir. I vow never to let that happen.

Scandalous Pledge - I've wanted Nadia since we were children, but a maid's daughter isn't fit for a Mafia king. For nine years, I've protected her from the shadows, secretly dictating her every move--until now.

The Cells of Kalashov:

The Collector - I’m the collector for Victor, a ruthless Russian mob boss. I collect every time. I never fail. Until Mila.

Sinner's Vow Chapter 1 Look Inside


Dread drips down my spine in a slow trickle—my stomach
clenches. On either side of me, doors line a long, daunting passage.
Intentionally, I’m sure.

I’m positive my father revels in intimidating visitors as
they shuffle toward his study at the back of the house, the ticking of the
grandfather clock taunting them with each step.

The ticking that haunts me now.

For each hand movement accompanied by a tick, I’m another
step closer to my doom. Father never calls me to his office for anything good.
The last time he called on me, I ended up in the hands of the Bratva.

Raven, you can do this, I remind myself as I place
one Jimmy-Choo-clad foot in front of the other.

A half-strangled laugh echoes back to me, and I press my
lips together. Even as my fight-or-flight response kicks in, I keep moving

Because, just like all the times before, I know I have no
other choice.

You could run.

I shiver and grip the sides of my dress. The memory burns in
my mind of what happened the last time I ran, not from my father but from my

I had run home to my father, pleading with him to save me
from the beast of a man he’d given me to. It had been a risk, but I didn’t know
who else to run to. He’d put me in that situation, and I knew there was no
escape unless my father granted it.

That day, my father held me as I cried bitter tears on the
shoulder of his navy jacket. My sobs jolted my body, and I didn’t notice him
withdraw his phone, dial my husband’s number, and tell my husband to come and
collect his wife.

Knock, knock, knock. I’ve reached the dark wooden
door that leads into my father’s lair.

“Come in.” My father isn’t a man you ever keep waiting. My
fingers sprawl across the door that I push open, and I step into his office.
Olbas Oil tickles my senses. The white cloth handkerchief at my father’s elbow
is where the strong smell emanates from. My earlier breakfast curdles in my

Three large chandeliers cast light down on the crown of his
head. He shuffles paperwork on his mahogany desk. As my gaze travels across the
bookcases that soar above my father, I find my calm by looking at a paper dove
that Louise had made for him years ago. I have no idea why he kept the present
from Louise, but right now, it’s what I’m seeking—a moment of calm before the
impending storm. I hope this time I’m strong enough to withstand the force of
whatever he unleashes on me.


I pull my gaze from the bookshelves and look his way.
Maintaining eye contact isn’t easy. His blue eyes always appear clouded, as if
there’s a madness lurking.

I keep my hands firm at my side, though I want to ball my
fingers into fists so I don’t fidget.

He gestures toward the adjacent chair. I descend into the
brown leather seat before folding my hands onto my lap, waiting for the blow
from his words.

He doesn’t so much as blink as he leans forward and steeples
his fingers on the desk. “You’ve won your freedom.”

I release the breath I’ve been holding, and without being
able to stop myself, I slump into the chair. My lips drag down, and my vision
wavers. It’s over.

Tears spill, and I’m smiling. I’m smiling with a fierce pain
in my heart. God, the price I paid for my freedom had been branded into my
flesh, literally. My ex-husband used his belt as his form of punishment.

“Thank you,” I find myself saying through quivering lips.
I’m crashing from exhaustion. I’m crashing from being relieved from an
overwhelming crushing feeling. I’m free.


“Once you marry Aidan Murphy, you are free to leave this
home. You can start over wherever you want.”

I’m staring at the gray-peppered crown of my father’s head,
my vision as clear as a cloudless hot summer’s day. His black fountain pen
glides with fluid motions across a piece of paper.

“Excuse me?” My voice comes out strangled, pained,

Without flinching, he repeats his words as he continues to
write. He pauses when I don’t respond and glances up at me. “I need you to
retrieve information from Aidan Murphy. Once you do, you have won your and
Louise’s freedom.”

A whimper spills from my lips. The last time I extracted
information from Victor, my first husband, it almost cost me my life.

“You said the last time that if I got you the information,
we would be debt free.” I’m speaking out of turn. I know I’ve crossed an
invisible line even before my father looks up at me with fire in his eyes. His
fist comes down with a heavy thud on the table, and I grip the arm of the chair
so I don’t jump.

“It helped,” he grits out. “But it wasn’t enough. Yes, you
did well. You kept a roof over Louise’s head. You say you want to give your
sister a better life, but do you mean it?”

Louise. My Achilles’ heel.

The information I obtained for my father gave him millions.
Where did all that money go? I want to accuse him of returning to gambling, but
I also value my life.

“Once you get the information from Aidan Murphy, you can
leave him. Finances will be set up for you and Louise. I’d suggest you pull
yourself together. Aidan Murphy may one day rule the Irish Mafia. He won’t want
a weak woman at his side.” He returns to his work, dismissing me.

I’m so beat down that I don’t at first comprehend the
dismissal. When his gaze darts to mine, my brain stalls, mentally repeating his
words before I rise. He has taken everything from me. I’m ready to walk away,
but I can’t. Not this time. I raise my head in defiance.

“No.” My pulse builds to a tempo that’s more fitting to a
dramatic ballad grand finale. The part where the heroine dies, or the moment
the hero realizes he’s already lost her.

My father rises in one swift motion. He’s a large man, over
six feet tall, with massive hands.

“I wasn’t asking, Raven.”

“I don’t understand.” I blink tears.

His lips curl into a snarl. “You’re a woman. You aren’t
meant to understand the ways of a man. Just get the information from Aidan
Murphy, and you have your freedom.” My father settles back into his chair.

“Or maybe he would prefer someone younger.” My father’s
mouth curves into a smile. “Louise is very striking.”

My stomach roils. His words should terrify me; instead, they
make me want to tear the world apart. “You will not go near Louise.”

My father ascends and steps around his desk with a raised
hand. I fear what will come next. I’ve pushed too far, and I will pay the

The impact of the slap doesn’t just burn my jaw; the force
sends me sprawling to the floor. The ridges of the wooden floor dig into my
palms. My hip takes the brunt of my fall.

I’m staring at the dark wood, panting and shaking. I want to
get up. I want to defy him. Maybe he senses the rebellious nature in me. His
fingers plunge into my hair, and my scalp burns as he forces my head back.


I want to say no again, but as his gaze fills with
brutality, I know this will end with me injured and still shipped away to marry
a stranger. But, for one moment, it’s brief. My defiance feels so good.

“No.” My heart palpitates as I try to crawl away from my
father before he can unleash his wrath upon me. The abrupt opening of his study
door stops his assault.

My face continues to burn from the slap he planted on my
cheek. I take in shiny black shoes before traveling my gaze up black slacks all
the way to George’s green eyes. My bodyguard isn’t looking at me. A muscle tics
in his square jaw.

George captures my father’s attention. “I do apologize, Mr.
Collins.” He glances at his wristwatch. “I’m here to collect Miss Raven. The
car is waiting.”

My lungs constrict painfully. No one walks into my father’s
office unannounced, and George follows the rules. So why did he enter without
knocking? Or did he knock, and I just didn’t hear the sound?

I push off the floor. My arms tremble as if I’d been lifting

“Get up,” my father barks as he returns to his seat behind
his desk. I hate him. I hate him so much. As I stand, my tongue flicks out,
licking the blood off my lips.

When I’m upright, my father pins me with a stare. “The car
can wait. Have one of the servants clean her up first,” he says to George
without taking his beady eyes off me.

My heartbeat thump, thump, thumps. George said the car is
waiting. Am I leaving right now?

“Miss Raven.” George’s brash words have me pivoting toward

“I hope you show Mr. Murphy more respect. I’m sure his hand
would be far heavier than mine.”

I hunch my shoulders at my father’s words. I want to rebel.
I want to tell him I hate him, but I place one foot in front of the other until
I pass George. The office door closes as George falls into step behind me. We
walk down the long corridor, and I wrap my arms around my waist to try to shake
off the growing fear.

“You shouldn’t antagonize him,” George whispers.

I take a peek at the forty-year-old man who has never spoken
to me. I wonder how long he had been standing outside my father’s office door.
Responding would be pointless. George steps in front of me as we enter the
ornate foyer of the house. We walk past the enormous staircase to the first
floor, where I sleep. I’m looking around for my sister. I want to check on her,
but no one is in sight to even ask about her.

When we reach my bedroom, George opens the door but doesn’t
enter. No one is permitted into our sleeping quarters. I had a hand in
designing my room. The gold leaf that adorns all the matching white French
furniture pulls the room together. It’s a mix of contemporary and old world.
The large black chandelier over my bed sends light dancing across the gray silk
duvet. I find my gaze ping-ponging around the luxurious space. It’s my haven,
where I seek solitude on the hard days. I often thrash out my pain in my
quarters and try to heal myself by decorating the space. I won’t return here. I
shake off the sense of loss and walk to my open closet.

I need to pack. My stomach squirms in pain, and I scramble
for my calm, which in this moment, I can’t find. I’m leaving again to marry yet
another man. Will he hurt me as Victor had? A part of me wants to curl up and
find a corner to hide in. I want to bury my head and let the time pass.

But gathering some possessions and saying goodbye to Louise
spurs me to my walk-in wardrobe. I freeze as George greets my father on the
landing. My dread grows as I spin around, fearing he’s come to finish what he
started in his office.

My father barges into my room and slams my bedroom door
behind him. When he spins the lock, I know it’s to keep George from interfering
with whatever is about to come next.

I won’t have anyone to save me this time.


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